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The Uncommon Commodity


Author Bio   In addition to writing and speaking, Doug Thorpe provides business coaching and consulting services. His clients are companies and business leaders seeking fresh ideas for the development of new managers and high-potential leaders, C-suite one-on-one, and team development. In particular, he promotes the concept of finding a balance between work, life, and faith. His firm is called HeadwayExec, LLC. Thorpe is active on the Internet and social media. He’d love to connect with you at,, on Twitter @RealDougThorpe, on his HeadwayExec Facebook page, or on LinkedIn. The Uncommon Commodity is Thorpe’s first book.
Making the move from being a single contributor at work to being a manager is possibly the biggest career shift a person can make. The job is no longer about you—it’s now about them. You’ll face unending challenges figuring out how to become a successful leader without failing to deliver the work. In The Uncommon Commodity, you’ll find a myriad of thought-provoking stories, anecdotes, and life lessons to help you grow as a manager. The insight contained within will give you the tools to build the bridge from being a team manager to becoming a true leader at your business. Let Doug Thorpe, an expert with years of experience, guide you on this journey of career growth, improved management effectiveness, and personal satisfaction as you become the leader you strive to be.