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Common Sense help for new, first time managers.


Making the transition from Do-er to Leader

Written from first-hand experiences offered by author, banker, and entrepreneur, Doug Thorpe. This is a collection of practical principles, ideas, tips, and life hacks to help new managers thrive.

It is common business practice for companies of all sizes to look across their workforce and make some interesting picks when a new team leader is needed. Often the selection criteria are based upon highest performer, the biggest producer, or ‘smartest’ worker.

Moving from being the doer on the team to being the leader of the team is a big leap for most. Despite business school learning or practical on-the-job leadership lessons (like returning military), nothing is more sobering that meeting with your team for the first time after you are selected.

Effective transition begins immediately. Miss the first few steps and you might have momentum moving in the wrong direction. There are so many variables that can determine the outcome.

As the candidate who becomes the new manager, your role changes on the spot. Now other people are counting on you for guidance, decision making, and support. You still might have your own work product quotas to manage, but now you add on the load of managing the others.

While things heat up at work during the transition, it is easy for your personal life to get out of balance.


The book is divided into five primary sections for easy reference and understanding.


Management Principles

Discover management principles to drive your effectiveness and increase your leadership impact.

Core Values

Review these building blocks to establish a strong management foundation.

Making the Change

Explore ways to look at and deal with change; both personal and professional


Take a broader view of what it means to now have people reporting to you and relying upon your decisions.


Doug adds a bonus section of his own observations from thirty years behind the desk.

What other leaders are saying . . .

The breadth and  depth of Doug’s experience encompasses decades of leader  development and learning.  His ability to articulate the  succinct, and often simple, character traits that leaders must possess to be successful in whatever endeavor they are  pursuing is easily understood and effective.  The most  important thing leaders can do is to develop other  leaders.  Doug’s skills in coaching, mentoring, and  leading other leaders is superb and he has established a  successful record of making a difference!  
Louis W. Weber

Brigadier General (Retired) , U.S. Army

I know Doug. He speaks with a servant’s heart and from an authentic manager’s real-world point of view.  A superb combination! “The Uncommon Commodity: A Common Sense Guide for New Managers” is your foot up against the competition. Step up. Now.
Rick Gillis

Careers Expert, Speaker, Author “PROMOTE!” & “JOB!”

Doug has developed mastery in the field of management and leadership through years of hands-on experience supplemented by a desire to understand the best practices in these fields. With this book he is opening the vault of his own experience and insight so that others can benefit for what he has learned.  Take this guide and put it to work at once!
Cathy Nunnally

Executive Coach, Nunnally & Company

I am so impressed by Doug Thorpe and the valuable service he provides. Watching him work, it is immediately clear that his broad array of business and interpersonal skills have come together beautifully to create an excellent product for those he serves. If you are looking for a coach to help you navigate the difficult waters of searching for new employment, Doug is definitely the person you should call!
Wes Avants

Executive Director, Physician Leadership Institute

Meet the Author I am Doug Thorpe; entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor for new managers. I have a passion to guide new, first time managers; helping them find health, wealth and happiness while they master the demands of learning how to lead others. My early years as a banker showed me a lot about many different kinds of business. Then, as an entrepreneur, I had the chance to build several companies. At the core of these ventures were the people who made things work. Leading them was my toughest challenge, but also the biggest blessing. You are the newest addition to the long line of business leaders who have made our country great! I want to share these valuable lessons with you. If you have questions about being a manager or feel stuck where you are, you have found the right place to get answers. Member, Forbes Coaches Council Blog at For speaking opportunities CLICK HERE

Who should have this book?

New, first time managers making the transition from doer to Manager. Moving into management is possibly the biggest career move anyone can make. You need fresh ideas to boost your confidence while you make the transition.
Managers wanting to transition to Leader. There is a significant difference between being a manager and being a leader. This book explores ways to make that transition too.
Executives wanting their rising stars to shine. You made the selection, now help the new manager grow.

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